Five Advantages Of Home-Based Water Birth You Should Know


I find it very funny when people keep on asking; why have a home-based water birth? The question they should be asking is why shouldn’t they have a home-based water birth? A home-based water birth has many advantages. Five advantages of home-based water birth include;

Warm water is soothing, comforting and relaxingrelaxing

Giving birth is usually accompanied by a lot of labor pain. Many women always find it very difficult to stay relaxed hence their comfort is always disrupted by the increasing sharp pains. But when they under a home-based water birth, the warm water gives them a soothing experience that for a while makes them forget their pains. This is something that women should embrace to enhance their comfort while giving birth.

Increase your energy

In later stages of labor, the water has been shown to increase the woman’s energy. A lot of energy is always put in the labor process during birth. Sometimes other women may end up losing strength and cannot participate anymore. This is not the case with a home-based water birth because, the warm water, helps to relax the tensed up muscles hence helping the woman regain energy needed for a successful birth. This will reduce the need for introducing the aid of machines in case the lady loses all her strength.

Improved health

Buoyancy promotes more efficient uterine contractions and improved circulation of blood. This results in high level of oxygenation of the muscles at the uterus and hence more oxygen for the baby.

This has redubathingced the chances of still births as the child is provided with efficient oxygen and the contractions of the uterine wall become more painless. It is everyone’s wish to accomplish a certain thing without undergoing much pain. So mothers should embrace home-based water births to have a painless experience during birth. In most instances, water will cause the perineum to become relaxed and more elastic hence reducing the severity of tissues tearing. So there will be no need for Episiotomy which is usually mind disturbing for many ladies.

Weight loss

Buoyancy lessens a mother’s body weight. By reducing the body weight, it allows for free movement and new positioning. This is a benefit to the mothers as they don’t use much energy in trying to get the best and comfy position. It also gives an easy time to anyone who will be helping out in the birth process.

It is evident that home-based water birth has many advantages and therefore women should try it out.