Things to Check When Hiring a Great Mold Inspector

brick wall with mold

When you see or smell mold in your home, it means that you have a problem with the ventilation or buildup of moisture in your service area. Molds can create an unhealthy living environment especially of people who are allergic. You need to hire a mold inspection and testing contractor to help you with your ventilation, high moisture or the stagnant water that cause the growth of molds.

The contractors will inspect the air quality in your home and details of your property to ensure that the structural issues are handled to eliminate the growth of molds. Choosing the best contractor to inspect and test molds is not an easy task as many companies are offering the services in the market today. The following are the qualities to look for when hiring a great mold inspector.

Adequate Training

Before you hire a mold inspector, you need to ensure that he or she has adequate training in the modern technological methods of inspecting and testing for molds. Ensure that the mold inspector attended a sophisticated institution in your state and had to provide certificates to prove his or her qualification. It is essential to research the educational background of the mold inspector to ensure that he or she has handy skills to solve mold problems and fix other building related issues.

Higher Experience Level

checking for moldExperience is determined by the number of years the mold inspector has been working in the industry and documents to prove their quality work. Ask the mold inspector to provide samples of his or her work to help you determine their level of experience. Ensure that the old inspector makes his career on a full-time basis and he or she attended a proper training. You will not want to hire a candidate who will expose you to more risks by conducting a poor inspection and testing on your property. Therefore, find out the level of experience to ensure you hire the right candidate to provide the mold inspection and testing services.

Advanced Tools and Equipment

Proper equipment and tools are essential in the mold inspection and testing services. You need to know whether the inspector has advanced tools to enable him or her to perform a standard inspection. The major tools you need to check are the humidity tester, moisture meter, air sampling equipment as well as an infrared camera to assess your home. Any accredited institution in your state should certify this equipment and tools. It is good to know if the equipment meets the quality standards to perform the inspection.


Reputation is an important aspect to consider when you are hiring a mold inspector for your home. Many people would want to hire a candidate who will provide reliable and affordable mold inspection and testing services. You need to research the reputation of the inspector on their respective websites. Similarly, you can check if the inspector is listed on the better business bureau board where you can see if there have been any customer complaints. Ensure your inspector is transparent, accountable and willing to provide the bests mold inspection services in your home.