Facts To Know About Field Hockey Goggles

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What are field hockey goggles?

Field hockey goggles are used by hockey players to ensure protection to their eyes. Such goggles come in a variety of ranges like polyethylene foam goggles, plastic goggles, and much. These help to reduce cuts while playing, abrasions and also bruises Men’s and women’s field hockey goggles help avert injury while ensuring clear visibility. Designed for both comfort and safety, whether you’re at field practicing hockey or taking some very intense game challenges, field hockey goggles always keep you safe in play.

Importance of field hockey goggles

Since field hockey is a sport of contact, so injurious are common. The injuries could be minor as well as serious mishaps like concussions and broken bones. Since 2011, it has been made mandatory to wear field hockey goggles for U.S. high school field hockey. Most goggles steel cages that protect the eyes, but some use plastic goggles that don’t compromise their peripheral vision.hockey

No player even though he/she is the roughest and tough hockey warrior wants to ruin her/his pretty face. But racing around a pitch, swerving hard and swinging sticks and the fast flying balls without any proper eye protection would demand something for eye safety. In U.S, every 13 minutes, the emergency rooms would be seen treating a sports-related eye injury. These injuries include corneal abrasions, cuts and even blunt trauma. Some grave injuries may also cause permanent vision loss. Fortunately, now proper eye protection devices can avert 90 percent of almost all eye injuries.

With around 64,000 athletes taking part in high school field hockey, eye protection is a hot topic to be discussed. Girls are now stronger and very capable of fast hitting the ball. More teams are now “lifting” the ball to take it up to the pitch, increasing the fear of parents’ and coaches about eye injury and concussion. Because of these constantly increasing risks, many sports authorities and school hockey leagues made it mandatory to wear protective eyewear.

Hockey beigoggles palyerng a ground-based game requires a downward and side vision for taking the ball to the pitch. So the field hockey goggles or eyewear that doesn’t compromise an athlete’s peripheral, as well as downward vision, are mandatory. National Federation of State High School Associations, NFHS, made it a mandate for public schools throughout the country that all hockey players require to wear field hockey goggles or protective eyewear for the safety of eyes and face. Not only in U.S, but many other countries have made it mandatory for hockey players to wear field hockey goggles for safety purposes.

Types of field hockey goggles or eyewear

  • Polycarbonate lens protective eyewear
  • Steel eye cages
  • Plastic goggles