Importance of health insurance in modern society

health insurance

The entire world is on the move. It is a world of mostly the nuclear families, where both the parents are running every day to earn for the family. It is against such a backdrop that the importance of health insurance in modern society has risen manifold.

The backdrop

The economic value of health insurance is that it guarantees access to the coverage to everybody, often regardless of the pre-existing health conditions. In many cases the benefits if the coverage are cashless. The hospital service and medicine charge is paid by the insurance authorities, and the patient or family do not need to pay a bit for the care. The beneficiary only needs to pay the premium per year. This may be a gamble in which everybody wants to lose, but when the crisis period of health comes, the beneficiaries who hold the health insurance policy are at again.


Private healthcare

The importance of health insurance in modern society lies more in the fact that in the contemporary times the cost of medical care and medicine and activities like surgery etc. have become very costly. There are certain government hospitals in many of the emerging nations where the amenities are almost like being poverty stricken, and hardly people want to go for recuperation there and prefer the private healthcare units instead – which charge hefty amounts. This is taken care of by the health insurance.


The importance of health insurance in modern society also lies in the fact that nowadays people of either gender are strained like anything both mentally and physically owing to the strenuous and lengthy hours devoted to work. The job design often creates supreme tension within the employees who come home fatigued. That is not all as then they need to take care of the studies of the child or attend different family chores for being a part of nuclear families. This makes ailments almost a close companion of the modern day people. The importance of health insurance in modern society lies here too.

Tax saving instrument

heart graphA direct tax is something which every working individual wants to shed off but on the other hand, being responsible citizens, it is below dignity to express that in the society. This is in lighter veins, but there is an important fact which also augments the importance of health insurance in modern society. The sum spent as a premium for buying health insurance yearly can be used as a tax saving instrument to shield against at least the impact of some portion of the impending direct tax. Thus a dual purpose of benefit and tax evasion is achieved by using health insurance.

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